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Benighted - "Harbingers of the Victorium Aeternus"
CD - $10.00 (US)  $12.00 (World)

Almost a half hour of pure US black metal.  Six
tracks of total war.

1. Arise from the Depths
2. Upon a Throne of Blood
3. Darkened Hollow
4. Prelude to the War to Come
5. Under and Igneous Luming
6. Satan My Master*** (Bathory Tribute)

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Makahru, Red Stream, Arcadia Productions


Fortitude 'Zine

BENIGHTED - "Harbingers of the Victorium Aeternus"

Arcadia Productions

Rating: 8/10

This CD seems to be the first release issued by , a young but very promising U.S. Black

Metal label (check out the bands signed to them - killer ones). "Harbingers..." is the debut

effort of this BM act hailing from North Carolina (I wonder what is the cause of such a

strong Black Metal upheaval in the States). BENIGHTED claim it's a long-play, but I

would rather call it a mini album (total playing length is approximately 27 minutes). In

fact, there are four songs featured here plus an intro and a devastating BATHORY's

"Satan My Master" cover. So, what can this darksome trio astound the listener with?

Firstly, with their professional musical skills and approach; all songs are well-structured

and thoughtout. That's a huge advantage, especially in the case of debut outcome. These

guys can definitely play their instruments in the right way. Secondly, goes the musical

canvas itself. Speaking in terms of genre, BENIGHTED's creations represent orchestrated

fast-paced Black Metal with a grim and blasphemous attitude. Somehow it sounds like a


circa "Nechrist". As you see, it's quite violent. The production is overall well-handled, but

the rhythm-section could be mixed a bit louder. However, it's not a huge minus. I liked

this effort. It possesses this unique underground spirit most of the bands have lost long

ago. I hope to hear more from BENIGHTED legion soon. Recommended. (Krasniy).

BENIGHTED - Harbingers of the Victorium Aeternus (EP) - Jason
This mighty force out of North Carolina display their talents in the blackened musical arts with this opus, a twenty-seven minute EP called Harbingers of the Victorium Aeternus. While the production is not the best, it's understandably low-fi since the band and label shell out cash from their own pockets for it -- and money doesn't grow on trees. However, what plays from this CD is true art -- the dedication of each participant is evident as Benighted push themselves ever forward throughout. The first track is a synth instrumental intro, with Demoniaque growling and hissing words that lull the listener into a suspenseful wait ... and as "Upon a Throne of Blood" rolls through, with its dense yet high-treble guitars ripping riff after riff, drums pounding away chaotically, and the shrieks of Demoniaque shredding through everything, you have to wonder if this raw, yet twisted symphony of aggression and hatred is the beginning of the end of your life. Onward into "Darkened Hollow," another epic song by the band that displays even more ability to intelligently play their instruments and keep variation going through each song. Onto "Prelude to the War to Come," another synth track that broods more suspense ... and then the longest track on here, "Under an Igneous Luming," rolls through like a freight train with a blend of brutality, aggression, and symphonic/epic structures that flow around the screams of Demoniaque and the singing of Lord Storm (who guest appears on this CD) and Lady Nemesis. Storm also plays an acoustic piece during the song, I believe, which shows a slightly softer side to Benighted -- yet that impression is demolished as they resume the unleashing of hatred in that wicked blend. And the final song, a killer cover of Bathory's "Satan My Master," invokes a primal side in Benighted that many modern black metal bands have tried to capture in their sound ... and failed miserably in doing. Benighted, however, capture this perfectly and inject into it every bit of raw fucking angst and hatred that they can find in themselves, and in the process create a cover song worthy of being a tribute to Bathory. Almighty fucking hell, keep up the great work here! I want to hear more, and now! (*note: correction, acoustic performance in "Under an Igneous Luming is not performed by Lord Storm)