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The History: Legacy was born in the dark winter months of the year 2000... It began as a three piece Phil who was at the time using the pseudonym Melkor on guitar and vocals, Curtis (Lord Blackwolf) formerly of Armageddon Knight also on guitar and vocals and Lou (Mordred) of Immortal Sacrifice on drums. The three wrote a few songs and by the time they recorded their first demo simply titled the “2000 demo”. Mike (Kutulu) also of Armageddon Knight had joined to take on the task of both bass and keys. Following the success of the “2000 demo” Legacy returned to the Studio to begin recording there first full length “Covered in Traitors’ Blood”. This time without Lou who had parted ways with the band in order to pursue a career in the computer field. Phil took control of the drums and although the CD was somewhat rushed it was completed in January 2001 and self released with disto through several larger metal labels in May 2001. “Covered in Traitors’ Blood” is a raw dark and brutally emotional recording It combines riffs similar to such classic black metal acts as Gorgoroth and Throne of Ahaz, with touches of keys eerie melodic keys. In April of 2001 Jason signed on as a second guitarist and the band immediately began to expand and evolve . Today: Legacy is stronger than ever... Legacy has nearly 2 full albums worth of new material, the music grown to incorporate some death, and thrash elements while still holding onto its distinctly original black metal basis. The band is working in Phil’s home studio on the completion of a concept EP to be titled “Mercy”. And are planning out there a second full length. What we are: Legacy is and will always be a brutal US. black metal cult... We share no love for weak monotheistic religions. Each member follows there own personal pagan and political beliefs. We are concerned with strength, courage and the triumph of natures most perfect and cruel order! What to expect: There will be sample tracks from “mercy” as well an early demo track which will appear on the second full length added to this page within the next few months! Keep checking back!