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In 1997 band members Demoniaque and Dagon put together the concept of Benighted.  They began writing rough material as well as throwing together lyrical ideas.  In mid 1998 Demoniaque and Dagon got together with a session drummer who was a mutual friend of both.  They recorded a rough four track recording of 6 songs for a demo that came to be known as "The Firey Blood Moon".  This small demo received much attention.  In between the periods of late 1998 and early 1999 a second demo was recorded by Demoniaque using a drum machine this release was self titled and contained 5 tracks but it was released on compact disc.  After this release Benighted started to acquire more members who all too soon left or were fired.  In late 1999 Benighted met up with Zacathus a drummer from the Charlotte area of North Carolina.  Zacathus became interested in Benighted and tried out as drummer.  Demoniaque and Dagon found Zacathus to be perfect for Benighted so he became an important new addition.  In early April of 2000 Benighted went into the studio with some additional session members and recorded the opus "Harbingers of the Victorium Aeternus" this release has become their greatest achievement thus far and has procured much acclaim for Benighted.  From then on Benighted added Xezbeth for female vocal purposes and have  session members to fill in for whatever else is missing for live shows.  The reign of pagan terror now begins!!!